Currently, ReByteTM is going through a rewrite to support newer technology cards, and SATA drives. The rewrite is on schedule with testing to begin in March. If all goes well, we expect to offer several versions of ReByteTM in 2008.

Home Version:

     Will be the first product to be released is the rewrite of ReByteTM. It will be released as a kit similar to the previous versions.

Pro Version:

     Will be released during 2008. Again, the first release will be as a kit. The Pro Version will be release with 2 cards and include ReSyncTM. ReSyncTM will allow two ReByteTM servers to back each other up. This will give the user disaster recovery by having an offsite backup of their data.


     For those who prefer not to install cards and build servers, we will release a plug and play appliance. You will be able to select the number and type of drives and when the appliance arrives, you will be able to plug it into your network.